Past Families of the Year



1995- Toni and Buddy Baxter

1996- Trudy and Hon. Tryon Lewis

1997- Belinda and Terry Richey 

1998- Michelle and Ric Vickery 

1999- Mary and Charles Carlson

2000- Debbie and Kenneth Rybolt

2001- Beverly and John Landgraf

2002- Holly and Wesley Hardin 

2003- Carole and Jim Stevens

2004- Susie and Nick Williams 

2005- Sharman and Mike Adkins 

2006- Phyllis and Mike George 

2007- Lisa and Steve Steen

2008- Lisa and Paul Wyman

2009- Robbi and Craig Reeves 

2010- Candy and Randy Thompson 

2011- Donna and Dr. Griffin Jones

2012- Meghan and Collin Sewell

2013- Amelia and Dick Saulsbury

2014- Julie and Chris Garrett

2015- Monica and Dr. Chris Tschauner 

2016- Cristy and Blake Batte

2017- Dr. Kornai and Dr. Nalin Tolia 

2018- Renee' and Rich Earls


1995- Joyce and Bruce Ryan

1996- Linda and Dr. Morgan Brown

1997- Glenna and Dr. Randell Bell 

1998- Amy and Steve Robnett 

1999- Annette and Tim Culp

2000- Sarah and Rev. David Cameron

2001- Alison and Bruce Peeler 

2002- Sharon and Bobby Floyd 

2003- Madolyn and Mike LaMonica

2004- Jeanne and David Pitts

2005- Karen and Dan Bertelson

 2006- Lisa and John Cherry 

2007- Brenda and Travis Stice

2008- Ellen and Lance Friday

2009- Khris and Tom O'Grady

2010- Karen and Todd Sparks

2011- Tammy and Jim Smitherman 

2012- Judy and Randall Rouse 

2013- Mikell and Will Abney

2014- Mai and Steve Johnson 

2015- Becky and Mark McCraney 

2016- Vivian and Kent Moss

2017- Rita and Dale Brown 

2018- Marcy and Doug Tull


Past Samaritan of the Year

2015- Nancy Anguish

2016- Teke Hunt

2017- Mike and Scott Sibert - Cisco Equipment

2018 - H.E.B